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Car left badly damaged after being hit by erratically driven car in Wyke


A car has been badly damaged after it was hit by a silver car which was being driven erratically in Wyke.

The male driver of the silver car was speeding along Green Lane when it took a sharp left turn onto St Mary’s Avenue and side swiped the parked blue Ford Fusion before driving off without stopping at around 9pm.

The force of the collision had caused the right wing mirror to be sheered off the door and left severe scratches on the door and wing of the parked car.

A witness who had seen the car and didn’t wished to be named said, “I was taking my dog for a walk when I heard the screeching of a cars wheels being driven around a corner. As I looked round I noticed the car turning off Towngate onto Green Lane.

“It was swerving across the road and the man seemed to be leaning over in his seat. Then he swerved onto St Mary’s Avenue hitting the parked car. It was going that fast that there was no time to be able to get the registration number.

“He didn’t stop, he just carried on.”

The wife of the owner of the car said, “I’m angry. My husband uses that car for work. Disgusted that someone has done the damage and haven’t even thought to stop. We’re going have to pay for it, and have it come off our insurance because we don’t know who did it!

“I’m also sick of people using our street as a racing track”.

Any body with any information is asked to contact the police on 101.