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INTERVIEW | 60 seconds with Robson Green who plays Geordie Keating in Grantchester


What can viewers expect from the Grantchester Christmas Special and what is Sidney’s role?

You can expect a story that celebrates what many people believe is the true meaning of Christmas. There are echoes of my favourite Christmas movie ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ in this Grantchester special for ITV. The unlikely, unique and endearing pairing of Sidney and Geordie reminds us of the importance of family and friends and how no one is really alone.

Sidney has a crisis of self and it seems Geordie is the only friend who can get to the root of what is tearing Sidney’s heart and soul apart.

It has all the ingredients for a real Christmas event on our TV’s ….Of course there is now – there is a baby born, a Nativity Play ….oh and did I mention there is a murder. It’s a tale beautifully constructed by Daisy Coulam and affects the gallery of likeable characters within Grantchester on so many levels. There is love, laughs, tears and most importantly hope.

What was it like filming with a snow machine?

Filming with snow machines in the centre of Cambridge and Grantchester is a lot more fun for the people watching than those actually working with it! But of course it provides a stunning backdrop and spectacle for this life affirming Christmas story. Sadly James and I couldn’t have a snowball fight with paper snowballs!

How will you be spending Christmas?

With friends and family.

What’s your favourite Christmas memory?

When I was 7 years old Father Christmas delivered down our chimney a bright orange Chopper bike that had three speed gears! However, there was a bit of an issue – I couldn’t ride a bike. Eventually stabilisers were fitted and I hit the road like Newcastle’s answer to Barry Sheen! I loved that Chopper bike and how Santa ever got it down our chimney remains a mystery to this day!

What’s the best/worst Christmas present you have ever received?

Best: Chopper bike. Worst: was a set of left handed golf clubs Dad got me a few years back. I wasn’t and had never been left-handed. Bit awkward on the first tee!

What’s the best /worst present you have ever given?

A firework display for friends and family. Worst: a box of Cuban cigars for a friend who had quit smoking decades ago!