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Green Party “delighted” that Bradford Council has dropped Northcliffe Park from the list of sites for a replacement crematorium

Shipley Green Party councillors, Kevin Warnes and Martin Love are delighted that the Labour leaders of Bradford Council have decided to listen to local people and finally drop Northcliffe Park from the list of sites being considered for a replacement crematorium.

Councillor Kevin Warnes welcomed the news; “Right from the start, Martin and I knew even considering Northcliffe would be an expensive waste of time and money but the Labour group ploughed on.

“We are delighted that they have agreed with us that Northcliffe should be left as it was meant to be – for the people of Bradford District to enjoy as a park.”

Kevin congratulated the Friends of Northcliffe for their public petition against the Council’s plans and thanked them for their “superb campaign” to defend the park.

According to its original deeds, the park can only be legally used for recreational purposes and cannot be built on in this way.

Back in November, Kevin and fellow Green Party councillor Martin Love submitted a motion supporting the petitioners and asking the Labour Party Executive, who make most of the decisions on the council, to stop wasting public money and rule out Northcliffe Park as a possible location for the crematorium.

They were disappointed when the Labour councillor group voted unanimously to reject the petition and the Green motion and therefore keep the park under consideration.

Cllr Martin Love says, “Kevin and I are shocked that Labour have been playing politics with this. They turned down our sensible motion in October and then suddenly backtracked during the Christmas break – letting the press know before local councillors.

“This decision could easily have been made back in July, saving local residents a lot of heartache and hard work over the last few months.”

There is not enough space at Nab Wood for a replacement crematorium. Three sites had been suggested as possible replacements Northcliffe and two other privately owned sites.

Bradford Council has said the need for “mercury abatement equipment” would mean the replacement crematorium would have to be much bigger than the existing facility.