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Jordz Racing hopes to step up a gear after dismal performance at Cadwell Park

Jordan Ashington with his trophies that he won during his first season in 2016

This weekend sees Round 5 of Thundersport GB taking place at Mallory Park, with Jordz Racing hoping to hit some form after a dismal performance at Cadwell Park in May.

Bradford’s Jordan Ashington managed to qualify in 17th place on the grid for his first two races on Saturday 28th May in the Thundersport 500 category, but only managed to keep 17th place in the first race, some 50 second behind the winner, but improved by three places in the second race to take 14th place, 40 seconds behind the winner.

There was a slight improvement on Sunday 29th May when he took 15th place in the Mega Laps, putting him in that position on the grid for the two races that day.

Jordan finished 14th place in the first race, 44 seconds behind the winner, and improved in the second race to 13th place, but was over 1 min behind the winner Will Leaning.

Speaking on his performance Jordan Ashington admitted, “To be honest it wasn’t my best weekend,  I have been improving every outing and getting quicker.

“I did go a lot faster than I ever have been at Cadwell Park,  but I think that was down to the experience of the track.

“The result wasn’t what I wanted and I want to be in the top 10, unfortunately the bike played up but we think we have sorted the problem out for this round.”

On his inconsistent lap times at Cadwell Park, Jordan said, “For some reason I made bad starts all weekend and then when I got into the race I did make gaps on the people behind me.

“However as I was a couple of bike lengths behind the next rider and our racing revolves around keeping in the tow with other riders in front, I just couldn’t keep up without no drag.

“The last race was wet and even though I came 13th, I was literally a finger width off 12th and I got better at the back end of the race!

“I think in all it’s a round to just move on from and take away the fact I came away with no dents in the bike.”

He was referring to a bad accident he had during the first round at Brands Hatch in which he came off the bike at speed and suffered concussion along with a few dents to the bike.

With regards to the problems he was having with his bike at Cadwell Park he said, “In a nutshell there was a lack of power down the straights, I could only keep up with people if I braked later and got right behind them to slip stream.

“We believe it was a carburetor issue and just before the last race on Monday we had a quick play with them which seemed to work.

“Mallory Park is a faster track with sweeping bends so we will know for sure if its worked properly, failing that we think it might lead to an engine refresh but i have my fingers crossed.”

On the preparations he has gone through for the racing at Mallory Park he said, “Well I have mainly been watching on aboard footage, its brilliant to see where other riders brake and accelerate.

“The only downside is the sound is quite baffling so its hard to know what gear they are in but I think I know just from working out other corners and how the bike handles.

“Other than that i have just been speaking to a friend who used to race there and he has given me advice as well.”

On his goals for Mallory Park, “My main goal is to do a 59 second laptime, I also want to get stuck in right from the start and it might mean a few brutal moves because this is quite a short circuit.

“So I need to make positions up quickly but that depends on how I qualify which is my other aim, to have a better qualifying position.”